Religion Communication Congress 2010

Meet the Speakers

Mitch Albom Nekeisha Alexis-Baker Robert (Bob) A. Alper Katya Andresen Angela Bengtson Manya A. Brachear Deborah Bruce Joan Brown Campbell Heidi Campbell Shawn Campbell Andrea Cano Matt Carlisle Jeffrey Cole Deirdre Colgan Anuttama Dasa Jean DiGiovanna Nabil Echchaibi Diana Eck Kevin Eckstrom Tim Frakes Barbara Bradley Hagerty Janaan Hashim Chris Heckert Michael Hoffman Stewart M. Hoover Interfaith Youth Core Kenneth Irby Leah Jones Kevin Keener Cheryl Leanza Philip Lee Jorge Lockward Kathryn Lohre David Louder Sarah Macharia Debra L. Mason Martin Marty Ingrid Mattson Jim McDonnell Ken Medema Ryan Miller Basilio G. Monteiro Otis Moss, III Abdul Malik Mujahid Randy Naylor Rose Pacatte Rebecca Randall Jennifer Davis Rash Greg Reifel Carole St. Laurent Kevin Slimp Dennis Smith Michael (Mhike) J. So Susan Sparks Aaron Spiegel Mary Stamp Nick Stuart Scott Thumma Azhar Usman Rajyashri S. Waghray John White

Join us in Chicago, April 7-10, 2010, for a once-a-decade multi-faith forum of all levels of communicators of religion.

This extraordinary event brings together hundreds of communications professionals to expand our experience and broaden our perspective on embracing change.

Social change invites us to new ministries

Religious change invites us to new dialogue

Technological change entices us to new modes of reaching out

As communicators, we have ever advancing tools, but we also see a power shift in publishing: through tools such as blogs, everyone has a voice. How do we harness this power for the good of our organizations?

Top reasons why you should be there!

Religion Communication Congress 2010: April 7-10, 2010 in Chicago

  • Challenging plenary speakers on timely issues with global impact
  • Over 50 skills-building workshops to teach you cutting edge communication
  • Expert roundtable interest groups for information sharing among communications pros
  • Networking and ideas exchange with an interfaith, global gathering of communications professionals

RCCongress 2010 is the place to be as we explore the changing landscape, exchange views, educate ourselves, and embrace the challenge of effectively communicating faith in today’s world. Hope to see you there!

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