Who Should Attend RCCongress 2010?

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"Why I'm going to RCCongress 2010" by Chris Herlinger, Church World Service (CWS) Communications Officer and freelance journalist.

Communicators from a wide variety of backgrounds will benefit from attending the Congress, including:

  • Regional, denominational, and faith group communication staff
  • Ecumenical organization communication staff
  • House of worship communicators (for a local church, temple, mosque, synagogue, congregation, meeting, group, practice center, etc.)
  • Clergy and seminarians interested in religious communication
  • Media reformers
  • Religion journalists
  • Persons involved in:
    • News/media relations
    • Marketing and PR
    • Television and radio production
    • Fundraising
    • Academics
    • Production roles (writer, videographer, graphic designer, web designer, podcastor)
  • And many more communicators...

The Congress is intended for an international, interfaith audience of religion communicators who gather to explore new territory, find solutions to challenges, make new friendships and renew old ones.

The idea is to provide a forum to expand the experience and broaden the perspective of professional religion communicators beyond the possibilities of their specialized professional associations.

The goal is to help each religion communicator be more effective in telling the stories of his or her faith group and to share faith expressions with one another.