The Global Partners Fund

The Global Partners Fund assists qualified students and young communication professionals from outside the USA and Canada in the fields of religion and faith to participate in the Religion Communication Congress 2010.

What is a Religion Communication Congress?

  • A once-a-decade interfaith, international forum
  • A convergence of communication professionals from all media disciplines
  • An occasion to experience a wide range of faith expressions
  • A hands-on opportunity to learn about the changing role technology plays in religion communications
  • A chance to explore the changing perceptions of different religions and the heightened attention to faith in the public square

What to expect from RCCongress 2010

  • Challenging plenary speakers on timely issues with global impact
  • More than 50 skills-building workshops to teach you cutting edge communication
  • Expert roundtables for information sharing between communications pros
  • Networking and ideas exchange with an interfaith, global gathering of an estimated 1,200 communication professionals

Enabling young religion communicators to attend the congress is the RCCongress 2010 Global Partners Fund!

Global Partners Fund Grants

This fund consists of financial grants to assist young persons outside of North America to participate in RCCongress 2010.

The Global Partners Fund seeks to help students and young professionals working in the world of communicating religion and faith.

These Global Partners can be employed in religious communications and/or attending school or participating in studies in the area of communication and media.

Overseas applicants can be studying in the USA and Canada and their career goal should be to work outside of the USA and Canada.

This fund is for those international persons who would benefit from the event and seek financial help to make the journey to Chicago, IL, USA, to participate in this historic gathering.

Application Process and Deadlines

Applications are now closed. The deadline was July 15, 2009 and the Global Partner scholarships were announced on September 18, 2009.

RCCongress 2010 continues a 50-year tradition of congresses. We invite you to be with us as we host communications colleagues and celebrate the blessings, hopes and challenges of communicating religion and faith in an ever-changing world.

For Further Information:

About Grants: Father Derek Simons, SVD; Coordinator of Global Partners Project;

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