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RCCongress 2010 Highlights

The RCCongress is a once-a-decade interfaith forum that provides a hands-on opportunity for media and religion professionals to learn how to effectively communicate matters of faith responsibly and fairly to a shrinking world of religiously and culturally diverse people by utilizing the latest technologies and communication practices.

RCCongress communicators embrace change

No one wondered in 2000 what the Qu'ran says about radical terrorist acts. Journalists back then were gatekeepers who decided what their readers would know and when. And tweets? Well, that was just for the birds.

Religion and media increasingly converging, says US researcher

Religion and media are increasingly converging because of the changing nature of an integrated, globalised world, according to several experts who presented their views at an international conference on religious communication.

Front-porch social media?

Social media can build community or divide people, just as physical architecture can, a Chicago pastor told a national conference of religion communicators.

"The front-porch theology is the theology we have to have," said the Rev. Otis Moss III, recalling the Southern neighborhoods where his family traces his roots.

The future? Think mobile, mobile, mobile, says digital expert

video includedTrying to understand the future of global communication? A small hand-held device already takes pride of place, says a noted expert on digital communication.

Islamic society head describes changing Muslim community engagement

video includedDr. Ingrid Mattson, Director of Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary told a story of how change involves communication to participants gathered in Chicago for Religion Communication Congress 2010 (April 7-10).

Use of new communication venues necessary to spread message of hope

video included"Pluralism begins with difference. Real religious pluralism means our engagement with one another requires building sturdy relationships," said Diana Eck, developer and director of The Pluralism Project at Harvard University, in a Friday keynote address to participants in Religion Communication Congress 2010.

Rev. Moss to faith communicators: "Remix your message"

When a pastor known for his work in developing a new generation of prophetic leaders in a faith tradition and for bridging the generation gap stands up and tells you to be ready to "remix" your message, you stop for a few minutes and listen.

When news stories that were posted four hours ago are old, how in the world can you keep up?

Dr. Martin Marty, professor emeritus of the University of Chicago Divinity School and renowned religion historian, moderated a Thursday morning panel addressing the changing media landscape for participants in the April 7-10 gathering of faith communicators, Religion Communication Congress 2010.

Faith and change go hand in hand, Mitch Albom tells faith communicators

When it comes to faith, Mitch Albom believes in the power to change.

Opening the Religion Communication Congress 2010 in Chicago, an April 7-10 gathering of communication professionals from a spectrum of religions and denominations, the sports journalist and best-selling author laced together two stories of faithful change.

Pulitzer photojournalists share skills at communications congress

Two award-winning journalists – John White and Kenneth Irby – will lead workshops at the upcoming RCCongress 2010 in Chicago.

It's once-a-decade religion communication event and most participants consider it worth the wait

Many who will attend Religion Communication Congress 2010 here April 7-10 weren't born when the first congress was held in 1970. For other religious communicators of a certain age – many nearing retirement – the once-a-decade event is a marker to measure the key phases of a long career.

Honey Bees and Herb Gardens featured at Chicago Marriott Downtown

The Chicago Marriott Downtown hotel is known for a number of its unique initiatives, including an in-house honey-making operation and an herb and vegetable garden located on its own roof. The projects are part of the Marriott's efforts to be environmentally responsible by engaging in green activities.

Hoover and Echchaibi to lead seminar at RCCongress 2010

Stewart Hoover, professor of media studies and Nabil Echchaibi, assistant professor of journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder will be presenting a seminar at RCCongress 2010.

Religion Communicators Congress to address changes in technology, society, and the place of religion in society

More than 1,000 communications professionals from different from different faiths, different countries, and different areas of faith communication will gather under the theme "Embracing Change: Communicating Faith in Today's World." 

Wilbur Awards 2009

First given in 1949, the Wilbur Award is given annually by the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) in honour of religious public relations pioneer, and RCC leader, Marvin C. Wilbur.

Religion Communication Congress 2010

Once a decade for the past forty years, the Religion Communication Congress has gathered grassroots communicators and decision makers for an international interfaith conference focused on communication techniques and technologies.

Mitch Albom will speak at RCCongress 2010

Best-selling Tuesdays with Morrie author Mitch Albom will speak at the opening banquet of Religion Communication Congress 2010 next April 7-10 at the Chicago Marriott.

RCCongress involves Church of the Brethren in sponsorship, leadership

RCCongress 2010, a Religion Communication Congress held once every 10 years and scheduled for April 7-10 next year in Chicago, Ill., is involving the Church of the Brethren in sponsorship and leadership.

Racism in church communication? Two Mennonites will address

Two Mennonite presenters will offer insights into their journeys with anti-racist communication during a once-in-a-decade event for faith-based communicators.

Fourteen Communicators Awarded the Global Partners Grant to Participate in RCCongress 2010

The Planning Committee for RCCongress 2010 is pleased to announce the successful applicants for the Global Partners grants. These grants will assist 14 communicators from all over the world to travel to and participate in RCCongress 2010, April 7-10, 2010 in Chicago, IL.

RCCongress 2010 Update: Winter 2008-09 Newsletter

The Windy City again is the setting for a once-a decade forum for religion communicators. RCCongress 2010 will feature panel discussions, expert roundtables and skills building workshops with a focus on changes in technology, society and perceptions of religions that affect the way communicators tell their faith stories.

Musicians Ken Medema and Jorge Lockward set for 2010 faith communication congress

Musicians Ken Medema and Jorge Lockward will bring their unique musical talents to Religion Communication Congress 2010, the world’s largest interfaith gathering of faith communications professionals, scheduled for April 7-10, 2010 in Chicago.

Faith communicators forum receives major Lilly Endowment grant

Lilly Endowment Inc. has awarded $200,000 to the Religion Communication Congress 2010 for programming during the upcoming once-a-decade gathering, scheduled for April 7-10, 2010 in Chicago.

“We are deeply grateful to the Lilly Endowment for this generous gift. It will enable the program planners to continue building content for workshops that will refresh skills and bring participants new understanding of other faith groups,” says Finance Chair Daniel R. Ganglier.

RCCongress 2010 announces scholarships to attend global interfaith gathering of religion communicators

Organizers of a once-a-decade conference of faith communications practitioners today announced a fund to help young religion communicators and students attend the world’s largest interfaith gathering of religion scheduled for April 7-10, 2010 in Chicago.

Under the financial assistance program, called the Global Partners Fund, eligible individuals are invited to apply for grants of up to $3,000 to help cover the cost of registration, travel, food, and lodging for the event.

2010 Congress to explore faith communication issues

Changes in perceptions about religion, its influence in the public arena and how technology delivers the message are among the issues communicators will consider at Religion Communication Congress 2010.

RCCongress 2010 announces theme and date for Chicago gathering

Participants will explore the many dimensions of change facing religion communicators under the theme Embracing Change: Communicating Faith in Today’s World.